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Tracking your collection online has never been easier. Showcase your cards and keep tabs on your hobby.

See exactly what you have in your collection at the click of a button. It is easy to find your cards with intuitive search, filtering and sorting capabilities.

You can record details about your cards in notes, organize cards into custom collections and add scans. Showcase and organize your cards the way you want.

Trading cards just got easier

Easily create wantlists and tradelists. Find Trade Partners. Negotiate online.

Automatic Wantlists and Tradelists

Automatically create wantlists and tradelists by player, set, team, etc. Your wantlists will have all cards for that player/set/team except the cards already in your collection. Your tradelist will include all cards in your collection that you want to trade.

Customize Proposals with our Trading Tools

Our trading tools allow you to send proposals, counter-offers and messages to members directly through Zistle. When you've reached a deal you can track the status of your trade and rate trading partners.

Find Trade Partners

Zistle shows you how many trade matches exist between you and every other member. For any given card, we also show you all of the members that either want or are trading it.

Automatically Sync your Collection

As you edit your collection on Zistle, your wantlists and tradelists will automatically be updated. After a trade is completed your cards will be automatically added to your collection on Zistle.

Built by Collectors for Collectors

Our members are helping us build the most trusted, independent collector database available.


Zistle is built by Collectors

We go to the real experts to help us build our library - collectors.

Our members help create the library by adding checklists, card scans and set information.

Show off your expertise

Know your stuff? Show it off and help build an independent source of knowledge.

Add card information or even become a set expert.

Export your data any time

We believe you have the right to your data. We will never hold your information hostage.

You can always export your collection, tradelist and wantlist data at any time.

Zistle Gold - Analytics and Reports

Turbocharge your Zistle experience with Zistle Gold. Only $29 per year.

Collection Analytics

Dive into your collection with advanced analytics. Gold Membership offers an analytics dashboard where you can get stats on your collection including breakdowns of your collection by player, set, team and more.

Advanced Reports

Zistle Gold allows more advanced reports that can be completely customized and saved for future reference.

Export CSV versions or easy to print PDF versions to bring to the card shop

Trade Recommendations

Stop searching for trading partners. Get recommendations for your top trading partners based on the contents of your wantlist and tradelist.


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